To make an appointment or for consultation call (772) 634-9452

Mobile service available



Safety is most important in all our grooming activities, and we take all precautions to protect your pet.

We use soft muzzles for those pets who tend to be on the nippy side 🙂

Please discuss with us any and all concerns you have about your pets, so that we can assure you and our clients the very best grooming experience ever!

Full Grooms

A full groom includes: plucking & cleaning ears, trimming nails, shaving belly, pads and butt. Prepping (removing mats and hair, depending on length desired). Anal gland expression, bath, blow dry, brush-out, and hair-cut. A bandanna or bow (upon request).


All baths include cleaning of the ears, trimming of the nails, (dremeling, upon request), bath, blow dry and brush. Bandanna or Bow upon request.

Sanitary Cuts

Sanitary cuts include all listed under bath, plus shaving of the belly, pads and butt, trimming the face and feet.

Cat Grooms :-)

Cat baths start at $40

Full groom $45 & up

Lion-cuts start at $65

*prices may vary due to behaviors and conditions

(I love kittys!!! So I will do my best to make your cat the talk of the town!!)


This option is Priceless…but we only charge $5.00 for locale (10 mile radius) and a prorated charge for further distances. We use protective restraints to insure the safety of your loved one.


Your Place

We understand that some pets dislike salon environments, and we can come to your home and setup our mobile grooming station so your pet may feel comfortable and safe in his or her familiar surroundings.


Customer Referral Program

We understand our customers talk about their pets. Ultimately that leads to more customers for us. We feel the need to give back and pay foreword to those instances. That is why we’ve created a Referral Program that rewards you and the customer you refer.

Not only do you receive $5.00 off your next groom, but the customer you refer will also receive $5.00 off their first groom. But wait!! two Clients (Pets) equals $10.00. And yes one customer with two clients (pets) does equal $10.00 and on and on…



Angels’ Eyes $23.50

Angels’ Eyes® works to prevent tear staining by tying up circulating porphyrins. A porphyrin is a compound that reacts with light to produce a reddish brown stain to the medial canthus. The active ingredient in Angels’ Eyes®, Tylosin as Tartrate, will prevent your dog from contracting Ptyrosporin (Red Yeast) and bacterial infections which causes excess tearing and staining. Tylosin binds with Porphyrin pigments and prevents them from binding with the animal’s hair. “In dogs, tylosin has been used orally to treat tear staining.”[1] [1] Donald C. Plumb,  Plumb’s Veterinary Drug Handbook , 7th addition



** Sm.Dog Baths     $25

** Sanitary                 $35

** Full Groom           $50 & up


** Med.Dog Baths  $30-$45

** Sanitary                $45-$55

** Full groom           $55 & up


** Lg.Dog  Baths   $40-$50

** Sanitary               $45-$55

** Full Grooms       $60 & up


*   prices may vary due to specific breed & temperament

** We offer discounts for good behavior


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