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Is My Dog In Heat?

Is My Dog In Heat?


What are the signs my dog is in heat

* Swelling of the vulva. This can vary greatly. Some females swell a lot and others hardly at all

* Bleeding from the genital area

* Increased Urination

Change in personality

First heat can vary greatly dog to dog. The youngest is about six months of age.

Or can start as late as 12 or even 14 months of age.

How long will the heat last?

Between 2 – 4 weeks but 3 weeks is around average. You can purchase Doggy diapers or garments if the bleeding is heavy

During the dog’s first cycle, bleeding may be irregular or split into two separate and distinct periods.

  The dog may be fertile during the entire time, so care must be taken during this entire time to prevent unwanted litters. 


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