Pet Grooming

“Pet Groomalicious” is a home-based grooming service for dogs & cats. Pick-up and delivery available! 🙂

The option of traveling to your home or business to groom your pet in the comfort and safety of familiar surroundings is available.

We offer a variety of hair-styles for your pet. We discus with you the desired length and shape of your pets coat along with tips on maintaining your pets coat until the next grooming session.

Our services include cleaning of the ears and trimming the nails (dremeling upon request). Expression of the anal glands is included in the bathing process Upon request.

We use a variety of soothing shampoos including non-soap shampoos, which won’t wash off your topical flea medication, and my favorite, “Oat Mella” hypo-allergenic, for sensitive skin and sweet smelling! Also available are Herbal formulas that are deep-cleaning and refreshing. Flea baths are given upon request or if fleas are spotted!!

I look forward to meeting you, and your furry family soon.


Your Affordable Groomer